Boat Fishing Monthly

It is with great sadness that I have to announce the closure of Boat Fishing Monthly magazine. I tried everything I could to keep it going, even giving away a 60-percent share in Barham Media to a third party, who attended numerous meetings with me and one with the printers, Warners Midlands, in order to instigate a recovery plan.

Unfortunately, the new owner of the business strung us along for over a month, and has finally confirmed that he cannot fulfill his promises made at the meeting with Warners, which has forced me to close BFM and declare Barham Media Ltd insolvent.

As it stands, our designer Ryan and I have worked for nearly 6 weeks putting the September issue together for nothing. I’ve lost the magazine - my real focus in life, my only source of income, my car, and possible my home too – due to me putting my trust in a third party who assured us that everything would be okay.

I’d just like to take this opportunity to say a massive ‘Thank You’ to all the loyal subscribers and readers who have supported and followed the magazine over the past 15 years. Without you guys and gals the magazine would not have lasted as long as it did.

I can only apologise once again, and wish you all tight lines for the future.

Best regards,

Dave Barham, Editor, Boat Fishing Monthly Magazine